миротворческая операция

07/21/19 16:12
27 years ago the agreement on the peaceful settlement principles of the armed conflict on the Dniester was signed
12/20/18 17:20
Vitaly Morozov was replaced by Colonel Sergey Safronov in this position
12/13/18 17:31
The Moldovan delegation in the JCC blocks the replacement of the trailer. Peacekeepers are forced to serve with no light
12/06/18 16:37
The Pridnestrovian side has been insisting on replacing the outdated terminal for a long time
11/29/18 17:46
About 20 reports on a situation in the Safety zone are still not signed by representatives of RM
11/15/18 17:44
During the meeting of the peacekeeping operation governing body, it was possible to reach consensus on a number of problematic issues
07/31/18 19:00
The Russian peacekeepers are able to stop the possible aggravation of the situation, the ambassador at large of the PMR's Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ruslan Slobodenyuk believes
07/02/18 17:17
The event is devoted to the 26th anniversary of Russian peacekeepers entrance in the Safety zone
06/28/18 17:56
In their opinion, Moldova will take advantage of the UN Resolution to destabilize the situation
05/03/18 16:47
The JCC discussed security in the vicinity of the Bychok-Gura Bicului bridge
02/12/18 13:00
Signatures were collected from 16 October to 30 November 2017 in all cities and districts
12/26/17 11:37
This is what President Vadim Krasnoselsky said in an interview with a Regnum journalist
12/20/17 16:21
Commenting on the opening of the bridge near the villages of Bychok and Gura Bycului, the JCC co-chair said that "if certain forces and means are to be used to maintain peace and security, they will certainly be used"