“I want to be in the front seat with the driver.”

10/07/19 20:38

“I want to be in the front seat with the driver.”

Moldova representative`s absurd ambitions block the military observers’ work

Tiraspol, October, 7. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Military observers from Russia, Pridnestrovie, Ukraine and Moldova regularly visit the Security Zone and study the situation on the spot. This is a long-established mechanism. Observers make reports, which are then heard at meetings of the Joint Control Commission. The reports contain comprehensive information about the events in the Security Zone for a specific period and state that the situation in the conflict zone remains stable and controlled.

Recently, the work of observers has been blocked by representatives of Chisinau. The reason for this is the most ridiculous: Moldovan military wants to be in the front seat with the driver riding in the car.

“Trips of military observers are being disrupted, there are already 7 or 8 cases of blocking the military observers` trips. Moldovan military observer wants to be in the front seat next to the driver. He comes up and says: “I am sitting next to the driver. If not, then we are not going anywhere,” Vasily Vakarchuk, representative of the Pridnestrovian delegation to the JCC said.

It is worth noting that regular assessment of the situation in the Security Zone is one of the key functions of the peacekeeping operation. Military observers from Russia, Moldova, Pridnestrovie and Ukraine daily monitor the situation - this information forms the basis of the reports that the Joint Control Commission reviews every week. Military observers also go to mine clearance. This is when the law enforcement agencies of the parties record the detection of ammunition or weapons. This mechanism is now also blocked.

Chisinau does not hide the fact that the current Russian peacekeeping operation does not suit the politicians of Moldova. The Republic of Moldova consistently demands its transformation into a “civilian mission with an international mandate”. For this, the work of the JCC and military observers is being destabilized. In addition, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova Vasily Shova proposes to Pridnestrovie to create a new expert group on military issues.

“We gave our answer that we do not see any expediency in creating this expert group. Firstly, all military-technical issues related to Moldova and Pridnestrovie are agreed or discussed at the appropriate platform, namely, the Joint Control Commission,” PMR Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatiev said.


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