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During the meeting of the peacekeeping operation governing body, it was possible to reach consensus on a number of problematic issues
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Bendery, November, 15. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. During today's meeting of the Joint Control Commission, the positions of military observers from the Russian Federation, as well as delegations members and experts from the Republic of Moldova and Pridnestrovie, were confirmed. Representative of the State Customs Committee, Sergey Khankevich was recruited to the Pridnestrovian delegation.  

Parties considered information on the state of the Security Zone. 

“We reviewed the situation in detail, starting from Rybnitsa and ending with the Slobodzia district. We saw how many weapons and ammunition are being seized: 3 projectiles and mortar mines were surrendered in just one week. The work is carried out in conjunction with law enforcement agencies and peacekeepers. This is a big job that allows to demilitarize the Security Zone and safeguard the well-being of the population” - Oleg Belyakov, Co-chairman of the JCC from Pridnestrovie, said in an interview with journalists. 

It was also managed to remove the JMC`s report, which included the tragic incident of January 1, 2012, from the agenda. For a long time, the document remained unexamined due to the divergence of the positions of Moscow and Chisinau. It should be reminded, that the incident occurred at the peacekeeping force post number 9, when 18-year-old Moldovan citizen died. 

Oleg Belyakov noted that all working groups relating to the peacekeeping operation had already begun to function.  

“These are groups on law enforcement agencies and on law enforcement posts that are on the line of contact between the parties. We control that there are no weapons in those posts, their number and infrastructure of posts changed only after the notification of the JCC. Today it was decided to start monitoring the activities of the posts of the Joint Peacekeeping Forces. The JMC was instructed to determine the order and mode of departure of the JCC members to monitor the activities of peacekeepers in the posts” - the Co-Chairman said.  

In total, 16 issues were considered during the meeting. There was adopted a decision on some matters. Other matters were postponed to the next week.  

“If there is a desire to seek consensus and find certain solutions among the parties, then we see: and 16 issues can be solved within a certain interaction” - Belyakov concluded.


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