04/17/19 11:34
According to the speaker of the Supreme Council of the PMR, this idea was supported by all fractions of the Russian Parliament
01/22/19 20:49
The opening of the Official Representation of Pridnestrovie was commented by the Chairman of the Russian Federation State Duma Committee on the International Affairs
07/11/18 18:42
Three polling stations will open on 9 September
01/23/18 19:54
The Russian parliamentarians promote positive resolution of the issue
01/22/18 18:41
The President discussed the issues concerning the receiving of the Russian citizenship and medical certificates by the residents of Pridnestrovie and implementation of maternity capital in the territory of the PMR with the heads of the parliamentary committees
11/22/17 21:30
The Russian MP is convinced that the right to self-determination is natural
09/18/17 13:57
According to the prime minister, Pridnestrovian manufacturers need material support equivalent to $60 million
07/09/17 12:53
The document stresses that "it is essential today to bring to the attention of all those interested in the escalation of conflict as clearly and publicly as possible the inadmissibility of any form of pressure, unilateral restrictive measures, various sanctions and blockades against the PMR"
07/07/17 14:41
The foreign ministry has commented on the adoption by Russia's State Duma of the declaration on the situation around the PMR
07/07/17 13:07
The Russian MP believes it is necessary to help Pridnestrovie and resume investment in the country
07/07/17 11:26
The house has adopted a corresponding statement
07/04/17 11:48
The document is urging the authorities of Moldova and Ukraine to reject all forms of pressure on Pridnestrovie and insisting on the speedy holding of the next round of negotiations in the "5+2" format.
05/26/17 12:13
"By reinforcing the economic blockade of Pridnestrovie, Ukraine is thus trying to remind the West about itself," underscored the legislator