05/05/17 17:17
The Russian lawmaker highlighted the need to jointly address the backlog of issues
05/03/17 14:13
According to the member of the State Duma Committee on CIS Russian MPs will continue to give maximum help to compatriots
04/10/17 17:21
MPs propose to adopt a preferential procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship
04/04/17 20:25
He met with Dubossary residents during the current visit to the republic
04/04/17 19:59
The head of the government has informed Russia's State Duma member Artyom Turov about the situation in the country
11/29/16 18:07
Vitaly Ignatyev and Leonid Kalashnikov exchanged views on possible joint actions to boost the inclusion of Pridnestrovie in Eurasian integration processes
09/19/16 10:32
83,2% of the voters were in favour of the United Russia party
09/18/16 12:53
The president of the PMR voted at Russia's State Duma election
09/08/16 11:13
Russia's ambassador to Moldova Farit Mukhametshin has noted the high level of preparations for elections carried out by Pridnestrovie's Central Election Commission (CEC)
08/23/16 14:26
More stations will be opened in Tiraspol as usual
08/22/16 19:38
At the upcoming elections to the Russian parliament, the citizens of the Russian Federation residing in the PMR will vote according to party lists, as well as they will be able to choose independent candidate
06/30/16 11:48
Twenty polling stations will be available in Pridnestrovie
03/25/16 21:30
Tiraspol hosted a meeting between State Duma deputies of the Federal Assembly of Russian Federation and Pridnestrovie's Supreme Council deputies
03/16/16 15:53
During the meeting, the sides discussed the current factors adversely affecting the situation in Pridnestrovie