Russian human rights activists are concerned about the situation caused by the Pridnestrovian blockade

12/19/22 18:34

Russian human rights activists are concerned about the situation caused by the Pridnestrovian blockade

The Moldovan authorities’ actions caused damage to the PMR economy, human rights activist Alexander Brod emphasized

Moscow, December 19 / Novosti Pridnestrovya/ Human rights defenders should alert the international community as well as Russian authorities to the situation around Pridnestrovie to influence the RM authorities by political and economic methods.

It was stated by Alexander Brod, a member of the Presidential Council on the Civil Society and Human Rights Development, a member of the Presidential Council’s Presidium on the Interethnic Relations under the RF President, during a round table at the Russia Today International Information Agency, dedicated to the rights of Russian citizens and compatriots’ rights violation abroad.

Alexander Brod also reminded that about 200 thousand people with Russian passports are living on the Pridnestrovian territory. Pridnestrovie has always considered Russia as its friend, close cousin as well as a strategic partner.

“The Pridnestrovian blockade leads to a reduction in the population’s income and the number of people living below the poverty line is growing,” the Russian human rights activist noted.

According to Alexander Brod, as a result of Moldova’s actions, the deficit in the Pridnestrovian pharmacy network reached 40 percent, there’s no access to Russian-produced oncological drugs, the chemical fertilizers’ import is blocked, which is threatening the forthcoming planting season, there’re delays in the food products supply, raw materials for enterprises and fuel. At the airport in Chisinau, Pridnestrovian residents, including government officials, are subjected to humiliating interrogations and searches.

The official Chisinau actions have led to the fact that Pridnestrovie was forced to introduce an emergency state in the economy, particularly, temporarily restricting the trolleybuses’ movement, limiting the hot water supply, and introducing other measures to save energy resources.


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