Экономическое давление Молдовы

03/26/24 19:20
Due to the blockade steps of Moldova, Pridnestrovie may lose up to $100 million this year
03/26/24 19:17
Alexander Stetsiuk explained why Chisinau is trying to destroy the negotiation process
03/14/24 12:53
In Pridnestrovie they expect the organization to work more efficiently
02/21/24 17:56
The Speaker of Parliament commented on the decision to convene the VII Congress of Deputies of all levels
02/21/24 17:29
The head of the PMR Foreign Ministry called the actions of the Moldovan authorities an economic war against Pridnestrovie
02/16/24 15:41
At a meeting of economic expert groups, representatives of Chisinau were unable to answer questions from Tiraspol
02/14/24 16:52
The Head of the PMR Ministry of Economic Development spoke about the consequences of economic pressure from the Republic of Moldova
01/24/24 16:38
Residents of Pridnestrovie expressed their position on illegal customs duties
01/24/24 15:58
Deputies of the PMR Parliament took part in protests against economic pressure from Moldova