Archive - 1/2023


01/31/23 16:53
The PMR Foreign Minister commented on the military maneuvers in the Republic of Moldova

01/31/23 15:21
Vitaly Ignatiev told the Russian newspaper Vzglyad about new problems in relations between the PMR and the Republic of Moldova

01/31/23 14:38
All of this creates additional tension in relations between Tiraspol and Chisinau, the Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs thinks.


01/30/23 19:29
According to the Head of the PMR Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this law is a bomb of direct action.

01/30/23 11:01
Now there are 128 people in temporary accommodation centers


01/29/23 13:54
The SIS of Moldova threatens the Pridnestrovian authorities with this law

01/29/23 13:39
The PMR Foreign Minister believes that it is possible to start with informal meetings

01/29/23 13:27
The meeting will take place on the territory of Pridnestrovie