06/05/17 15:37
The foreign minister spoke about the relationship between the expulsion of Russian diplomats from Moldova, Kishinev's plans to transform the peacekeeping operation, the establishment of Moldo-Ukrainian control over the Pridnestrovian border and the blocking of international negotiations
06/02/17 11:02
According to the member of the Pridnestrovian delegation, Vasily Vakarchuk, recent developments in Moldova signal there is a task to shatter and unbalance the JCC's work
05/31/17 14:36
Four diplomats on the deportation list are acting members of the Joint Control Commission. According to experts, this may endanger the JCC's work
05/23/17 17:48
Russian Foreign Ministry's envoy Sergey Gubarev declared it during communication with the journalists following the results of the meeting with the Pridnestrovie's Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatyev
05/23/17 14:08
Russia's ambassador at large said that the peacekeeping mandate would be valid until the settlement of the Moldo-Pridnestrovian conflict
05/18/17 16:46
The serviceman was subjected to intensive inspection and interrogation
01/04/17 17:37
Pridnestrovie's President Vadim Krasnoselsky gave such comment following the results of the meeting with the Moldova's President Igor Dodon
12/07/16 16:31
The portal emphasizes that interaction between the PMR and the Russian Federation in maintenance and intensification of the peacekeeping operation, as well as in the field of security in general will continue to be improved further
11/08/16 10:20
The president of the republic believes that only Russian peacekeepers will ensure peace in Pridnestrovie
11/07/16 16:24
The head of state has commented on the media reports that Moldova and Ukraine are to prepare a joint plan for withdrawal of Russian troops from Pridnestrovie before the end of the year
06/06/16 15:43
Internet newspaper Russkaya Planeta'a article on a situation in Pridnestrovie's security sphere
05/31/16 18:06
The corresponding bill is currently before the Supreme Council