04/11/19 17:12
Planned activities are held to assess readiness for service in the spring and summer period
02/04/19 17:17
Men under the age of 50 fit for military service can participate in it
01/10/19 17:08
What did they talk about at this year first meeting
12/18/18 18:34
Vadim Krasnoselski told reporters about the state of relations between Pridnestrovie and Russian Federation
11/22/18 17:59
Members of the Joint Control Commission estimated readiness of objects and military for service in winter period.
07/13/18 19:37
"Moldova does not abandon attempts to strengthen its pressure on Pridnestrovie. Among them are political prosecution of politicians and businessmen, strengthening of Moldo-Ukrainian customs controls, barriers to the importation of combustive-lubricating materials and medicines," noted the diplomat
07/02/18 17:17
The event is devoted to the 26th anniversary of Russian peacekeepers entrance in the Safety zone
06/15/18 21:09
The MFA’S head commented message about consideration of the resolution on withdrawal of Russian army men by UN General Assembly
05/29/18 10:19
A series of solemn events were held in Bendery on this occasion
05/10/18 19:07
The Moldovan side is still refusing to participate in the inspection