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Members of the Joint Control Commission estimated readiness of objects and military for service in winter period.
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Bendery, November, 22. / Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The discussion JCC about the agenda lasted for more than 2 hours. Eventually the session was opened and the parties were briefed about the situation in the Safety zone.  

Preparation for a detour of peacekeeping posts to check their readiness for winter became one of the core issues of the Summit. Moldavian party, the moderator of the session, insisted to make sudden visit  today instead next week as it had planned. 

3 objects located on the southern site of the Safety zone were chosen for a detour. The full commission visited the peacekeepers.  

Members of the JCC saw for itself robust peacekeeping, checked readiness of the equipment and the created condition.  

"Today's decision on a detour of the posts was unexpected for us and was a certain test for our peacekeepers.  But we were encouraged in a proper situation of the work of the servicemen and condition of the facilities", - noticed Oleg Belyakov, the co-head of JCC from Pridnestrovie. 

On the each of posts the chief officer got ready the adopted armored personnel carriers.  

Further the commission visited utility spaces, armories, checked the communication with other peacekeeping facilities.  

"Now we are sure that the military personnel on all posts are ready for the service during the winter period. It is very important. Our duty is to control, and today we carry it out. We are convinced that there is coherence and understanding. We were very pleased with today's visit", - noted to journalists the co-head of JCC from the Russian Federation Ilya Uvarov.  

"We can thank peacekeepers for their work, for their attitude to the service, for sense of responsibility and for the fact that they ensure the peace and order", - added the head of the Moldavian delegation Ivan Solonenko.  

The Moldavian co-head noted that peacekeeping operation has to continue before the full conflict resolution.  

"The peacekeeping operation will continue until the political solution is made. It has to be clear to everyone. We are obliged to continue it according to the agreement of 1992 ", - told Ivan Solonenko.  

In the short term representatives of the Joint military command will inspect peacekeeping posts on all sites of the Safety zone. 


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