Russian peacekeeper detained at Kishinev Airport

05/18/17 16:46

Russian peacekeeper detained at Kishinev Airport

The serviceman was subjected to intensive inspection and interrogation

Bendery, 18 May. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The Russian delegation to the JCC has protested against the provocative actions of Moldovan law enforcers against a Russian serviceman. The statement issued at a regular JCC meeting says that the incident took place on 12 May at Kishinev Airport.

It is reported that Capt. Alexey Shkaranda was leaving for Russia due to the end of his mission. When passing the border controls, he was subjected to a thorough inspection without any explanation. Moreover, the officers who conducted the inspection took pictures of his personal belongings and illegally seized his Pridnestrovian awards: two medals for peacekeeping activities and one silver anniversary coin. The seizure was not recorded in any way.

«Besides, the Russian serviceman was unlawfully questioned about things unrelated to his departure from Moldova. In particular, he was asked about officers serving in the OGRF," the document says.

«The delegation of the Russian Federation to the JCC strongly protests against the unacceptable and defiant actions by members of the Moldovan law enforcement agencies against the serviceman of the Russian peacekeeping contingent," says the Russian statement.

The Russian delegation to the JCC notes that such actions are a deliberate provocation against Russia and aim to undermine the peacekeeping mission in the region.

«Do the 'film directors' of such a scenario think of preserving peace in their country, or do they feel like escalating the situation in the conflict zone and bringing it to unpredictable consequences?» ask the delegation members.

The Russian side has called upon the Moldovan colleagues to provide a rational explanation for the actions of the Moldovan special services and return the unlawfully seized property to the Russian citizen.


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