12/19/19 18:59
Belarusian colleagues advise local specialists on new equipment
12/17/19 14:57
Festive events began with a solemn prayer in the church of New Martyrs and Confessors of the Russian Church and the laying of flowers at the Memorial of Glory
12/14/19 16:24
Speakers from Pridnestrovie and Russia talked about the prospects of the sphere
11/29/19 17:44
On the same platform also spoke about increasing funding of the State Targeted Programs in the field of health care
10/10/19 18:25
The PMR Supreme Council Chairman’s Advisor Ekaterina Kulyanitsa became the Ambassador of Peace
09/11/19 17:20
It was attended by 1354 young professionals from 63 countries and regions
08/16/19 19:02
The exhibition of Valery Lipsky is opened at the Art Gallery of the Tiraspol Joint Museum
01/06/19 21:42
Today, there was held special holiday program, and sweet gifts were presented to children from socially vulnerable families
12/24/18 10:56
Vadim Krasnoselsky noted that the maximum number of places for cultural and interesting rest of citizens on New Year holidays has to be organised