Год экологии и благоустройства

12/02/19 18:54
The project was presented at a conference dedicated to tourism and ecology
10/11/19 19:59
It is information platform Wasteconnect, with the help of which it will be possible to learn about the waste segregation and recycling industry
05/25/19 18:08
The organizers of the campaign believe that we can contribute to the protection of the environment by simply saying no to plastic bags
05/22/19 21:38
More than 800 residents took part in such event. As a result, they managed to pick up 120 cubic meters of garbage
05/20/19 13:57
The organizers offered residents and guests of the capital to repack their products from plastic bags into paper bags
03/19/19 14:19
Let's tell how one thrown-out piece of paper gave a start to a popular challenge
01/16/19 19:54
All of them are systematized in various directions