05/11/19 19:49
Vitaly Ignatiev thanked the OSCE for attracting an expert on the import of medicines to the dialogue of Tiraspol and Chisinau
04/23/18 15:35
According to MP Viktor Guzun, importers will include additional costs related to the new link of control in the price of goods, and eventually, it is ordinary citizens who will pay for all this
04/19/18 18:02
Representatives of a Pridnestrovian medicine importer regard this case as another manifestation of the country's blockade
07/04/17 18:19
According to the head of the SCC, Vitaly Nyagu, this increase in business activity is largely due to measures taken by the SCC to remove unnecessary barriers
07/04/17 16:59
As an experiment, the system will be launched in September
06/13/17 15:45
This was reported by the minister of economic development, Sergey Obolonik, who noted that "the problem may re-emerge at the click of a finger"
04/13/17 17:58
Pridnestrovian MPs and Deputy Ambassador of the UK to Moldova discussed the threats caused by Ukraine's and Moldova's intention to establish joint border and customs control in Kuchurgan
03/30/17 18:34
"We try to get attention and we want the participants of the 5+2 format to hear about a problem which can be caused by installation of the Moldova's control station at the Kuchurgan checkpoint," Vadim Krasnoselsky noted following the results of the meeting with the Moldova's president
03/22/17 20:25
State Customs Committee (SCC) prepares new rules to shorten the time for preparation of required documents and to reduce the expenses of economic agents
03/14/17 22:12
Under the guise of caring about people, Moldovan politicians want to impose additional customs restrictions on the Pridnestrovian economy
02/10/17 14:29
Work is currently under way to harmonise the technical requirements for the exchange of information between the authorities of the PMR and Russia about the movement of goods and vehicles across the customs border
01/11/17 10:47
Some changes in the rules on the movement of goods by natural persons have entered into force since the start of the year
11/17/16 12:44
Electronic declaration of goods was introduced by the SCC in late 2011