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Additional traffic lanes for tourists on the customs checkpoint «Bendery – Chisinau» will appear at the beginning of September
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Tiraspol, June 11. / Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Pridnestrovie states the growth of a number of tourists. Soon entry into the republic for them will become even simpler. «Bendery-Chisinau» customs checkpoint will be broadened by the initiative of the President of the PMR Vadim Krasnoselsky.

Works on the new traffic lane on the «Bendery-Chisinau» checkpoint will begin in July. By the Day of the Republic it is planned to be completed.

«Statistics shows that most part of tourists gets to Pridnestrovie from Moldova. On a weekday it is about 250 tourists. During weekend – twice more», - the chief engineer of the «Kommunaldorservice» enterprise Alexey Nikulcha told.

On the «Bendery-Chisinau» checkpoint there will appear interactive boards with information on places, routes, restaurants and hotels. Customs officers will be in addition trained in foreign languages. Besides, at the entrance to Pridnestrovie guests will be given the tourist passport.

«The tourist passport given on the checkpoint will help to understand better where to go and what to see. Such passports, as a rule, give an opportunity to use tourist products with some discount», - the Deputy Minister of Economic Development Natalya Sitkina explained, having added that the tourist passport is been developed now.

Tourists will get through the «Bendery-Chisinau» customs checkpoint without waiting. When the traffic lanes will be empty, they will serve ordinary cars.

Other Pridnestrovian checkpoints will also be expanded.


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