06/08/16 20:39
The customs committee believes it is related primarily to a decrease in food supplies to Pridnestrovie by the country's major importer
05/23/16 18:13
Pridnestrovie's SCC officers got acquainted with leading practices in the area of providing psychological assistance to law enforcement agencies
04/12/16 18:03
The volume of food products imported by legal entities has increased by 4%. At the same time, Pridnestrovie has imported fewer milk and flour products, which, according to the SCC, testifies to the success of an import-substitution strategy
04/12/16 15:39
The first deputy chair of the government commented on the reduction of food duties
03/09/16 11:56
A parliamentary commission has been established to inquire into the suspension of excisable goods import from Ukraine
01/29/16 13:59
The Pridnestrovie's Foreign Minister informed the head of state on the risks caused by implementation of the Moldova's and Ukraine's agreement on organisation of the joint boundary and customs control at Kuchurgan check point
11/25/15 15:00
Pridnestrovie's individual businessmen may also be affected by Moldova and Ukraine's joint action