06/01/15 15:49
Members of the Russian delegation, who were present at the opening ceremony of three kindergartens built by ANO Eurasian Integration, have answered journalists' questions
06/01/15 10:24
Opening ceremony of the kindergarten "Kapitoshka" was held In the Pridnestrovie's capital. It was built within the social and humanitarian program of the Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization "Eurasian Integration"
05/29/15 17:54
She has assured the audience that Russia is aware of the challenges that Pridnestrovie is facing
05/26/15 16:33
The corresponding decision has been approved today at the government session
05/22/15 15:08
During the visit the parties have outlined the areas for cooperation
05/20/15 12:26
Tatyana Turanskaya: 'At present the budget funding covers only 40% of the needs in the education sphere'
05/09/15 16:45
That was announced by Pridnestrovie's head of the expert groups on transport and road facilities in an interview to the media
05/09/15 12:23
Traditionally, the celebrations began with a rally and a wreath-laying ceremony at the Glory Memorial
05/08/15 16:29
The Russian delegation has come to Pridnestrovie to participate in the festivities dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War
05/08/15 15:31
The exhibition is located in Sovetskaya St in front of the museum of regional studies
05/06/15 13:23
Memorial complex at the city entrance commemorates the events of 1992, and also all battles of the latest centuries
05/05/15 20:51
Pyotr Onufriyevich Mustya is a participant of the Great Patriotic War, the Chevalier of six Orders; he participated in the International Forum of Winners named "The Great Victory" as a member of delegation
04/28/15 18:11
The title of the book written by Igor Ilin, a veteran of Normandy-Neman squadron, is "Front Roads".
04/28/15 17:01
For this to be done, the committee has revised some provisions of the legal and regulatory framework.