The Agro-Industrial Complex Committee prepared a draft Law "On Land Reclamation in the PMR"

11/02/20 16:09

The Agro-Industrial Complex Committee prepared a draft Law "On Land Reclamation in the PMR"

According to it, a land reclamation development fund can be created in the republic

Tiraspol, November 2. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The Committee of the Supreme Council on the Agro-Industrial Complex has prepared a draft Law "On Land Reclamation in the PMR". Today the Deputies considered it in the first reading. It was noted that the development of land reclamation was an important direction of the agro-industrial complex and the economy of the republic as a whole.

Parliamentarians also said that it was impossible to ensure high yields without state support for the industry. And this, first of all, is the food security of the country.

“There were held several joint meetings of the working group of the Supreme Council and the Government, at which we determined that there was a need to regulate legal relations pertaining to the land reclamation, not only by by-laws, but also on the basis of the law. For this reason, fellow Deputies prepared a draft Law "On Land Reclamation in the PMR", Chairman of the Committee on the Agro-Industrial Complex Oleg Leontyev said.

A conceptual innovation of the legislative initiative is the possibility of creating a fund for the land reclamation development, from which state targeted programs will be financed. This fund will receive financial resources from a target acquisition for the development of land reclamation, import customs duties and a number of other sources, the parliamentary press service reports.

According to the Deputies of the relevant committee the adoption of the draft law will allow financing and carrying out work on the restoration and development of the land reclamation of the PMR. This will be a planned programmatic approach that will ensure transparency and efficiency in all decisions made.

“We would like to adopt a law during this session, so that next year's budget money for land reclamation is spent in accordance with the law and not by-laws. Of course, we need a state target program, but it will be developed as a by-law on the basis of the law,” Oleg Leontyev emphasized.

The Deputies of the committee will recommend the deputy corps to adopt the draft law in the first reading and continue work on it.


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