02/17/21 19:37
This measure is aimed at supporting transport organizations that suffered serious losses during the period of emergency and quarantine
11/30/20 12:27
The draft of the relevant law in the condition of legislative necessity was sent to the Supreme Council
11/02/20 16:09
According to it, a land reclamation development fund can be created in the republic
05/03/18 18:27
This requires amendments to the law "On customs tariffs"
03/28/18 13:55
The Supreme Council will determine the extent of this increase
07/05/17 17:50
According to MPs, this will increase the accountability of officials carrying out inspections
04/12/17 12:05
The Supreme Council has backed the government's initiative to relocate the websites of governmental agencies to Pridnestrovie-based servers
11/15/16 11:06
President Yevgeny Shevchuk has submitted a corresponding bill to the Supreme Council
06/27/16 16:21
According to Public Chamber members, public hearings and consultations should be held at this stage
06/20/16 20:08
The central bank proposes to introduce administrative and criminal responsibility for organising financial pyramids
06/06/16 17:51
The Supreme Council is drafting a law on arts patronage