Parliament to determine grounds and timing of unscheduled business inspections

07/05/17 17:50

Parliament to determine grounds and timing of unscheduled business inspections

According to MPs, this will increase the accountability of officials carrying out inspections

Tiraspol, 5 July. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The Supreme Council adopted on first reading MP Viktor Guzun's bill specifying the grounds and timing of unscheduled inspections of enterprises. According to Guzun, his amendments to the law on state supervision will increase the accountability of officials carrying out inspections of enterprises.

Under current law, inspections should not exceed one month The document, however, does not specify which inspection is meant: scheduled or unscheduled. According to Guzun, it often happens in practice that both inspections are held for 30 days and extended for another month following the relevant authority's decision. «This leads to abuses," concluded Guzun.

Economic entities, the MP says, has repeatedly pointed out that the grounds for an unscheduled checkup are often vague and lengthy, and instead of a specific checkup caused by citizens' complaints the entire financial and economic activities of the enterprise is monitored.

«Moreover, business entities are not even explained the reason for an unscheduled inspection," said Guzun during the session.

The bill specifies that routine oversight activities should not exceed one month and another 30 days if necessary and justified. At the same time, the timing of unscheduled inspections should not exceed 10 days plus 5 more days if necessary. Besides, unscheduled checkups should be specialised.

«That is, if a citizen complains about the lack of a fire extinguisher at an enterprise, the authorities should check only the availability of a fire extinguisher," explained Guzun, underscoring that a resolution on the unscheduled inspection should be produced to the owner of an enterprise under inspection.

The oversight authorities have suspended for two years the conduct of routine inspections of small businesses and individual entrepreneurs. At the same time, unscheduled control measures are only permitted in the event of serious violations resulting in damage to the life and health of citizens, the environment, state (municipal) property. The reason for unscheduled inspections can be written complaints by legal entities and individuals, as well as following decisions by the president, Supreme Council and since this July the prosecutor's office, which oversees the inspections.


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