Procedure of launching family business proposed to be simplified

04/14/16 14:10

Procedure of launching family business proposed to be simplified

Tiraspol, 14 April. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The relevant committee of the Supreme Council has considered a draft law facilitating the procedure of starting family businesses.

Today in order to launch a family company, it is necessary to obtain a number of documents which should be attached to the application for family business patent. One of mandatory documents is a certified copy of the agreement on family business launch.

At the same time, the price for notary services, including the certification of the agreement and validity of its copy as well as consultations, is rather high. Thus, the law «On notary services» stipulates that the certification of bargains whose item is not subject to estimation, and the bargains themselves do not require mandatory notary certification costs 435 roubles.

According to the bill's authors, «these are serious financial encumbrances for individual entrepreneurs in the present socio-economic conditions».

Therefore, according to the explanatory note, «it is proposed to exclude the compulsory notary certification of the agreement on family business start-up. It is suggested that this measure will facilitate the procedure of launching a business, reduce financial burden and boost business activities.


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