04/28/22 13:23
Russia regards explosions and shelling of objects in Pridnestrovie as acts of terrorism
03/17/22 12:41
According to the Russian Foreign Ministry representative, the Russian troops' withdrawal is only possible after the complete settlement of the Moldovan-Pridnestrovian conflict
02/16/22 16:45
The President of the PMR and the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation discussed Russian-Pridnestrovian cooperation, a peacekeeping operation, and the process of negotiations between Tiraspol and Chisinau
02/16/22 13:23
Among issues raised are the negotiation process and the Capital Outreach Consular Service Point working
06/28/21 14:58
Diplomats expressed concern about the recent provocations of one of the Republic of Moldova political forces in the Security Zone
04/11/21 21:00
Currently, the work of the offsite consular office of the Russian Embassy in the Republic of Moldova is limited due to the coronavirus pandemic
04/11/21 20:40
The Head of the PMR Foreign Ministry said that the main problem was Chisinau's refusal to fulfill the previously reached agreements and the creation of restrictions for Pridnestrovie
04/02/21 17:45
Diplomats stressed the unacceptability of any unilateral measures, leading to the atmosphere deterioration in the dialogue as well as the Pridnestrovians’ rights impairment
02/17/21 16:05
Vitaly Ignatiev commented on the Moldovan authorities` calls to Russian diplomats not to attend events in Pridnestrovie