10/10/19 13:57
There were discussed a lot of topics. Ranging from the economy and foreign policy to the tourism development and the younger generation support
10/03/19 16:42
Natalya Sitkina told about expectations from the VII Pridnestrovian International Investment Economic Forum
10/03/19 14:13
More than 500 participants have already registered for participation
05/24/16 12:32
According to the president of Pridnestrovie's CCI, this may be a special exchange rate for exporters trading with Russia
05/24/16 10:40
The invitation has been offered by the Moldo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
05/19/16 19:35
The discussion centred on the problems of expanding market outlets and the possible ways of solving them
05/19/16 17:41
The president of the Moldo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mauro Salvatori, has invited representatives of representatives of the Pridnestrovian CCI and businessmen to take part in Milan's economic forum
05/19/16 15:37
According to the prime minister, today funds should be invested, first of all, in agriculture
05/19/16 14:19
Georgy Petrov: Highly-skilled and disciplined professionals work in the republic, and production made here conforms to the highest quality level
05/19/16 11:51
According to the government, the forum will be a vivid example of Pridnestrovie's open economy
04/26/16 17:21
Forum Promoters expect an effective advice from the participants providing economic recovery of Pridnestrovie
03/24/16 17:03
The work of sixth discussion platforms will be attended by representatives of government agencies, Pridnestrovian and foreign business communities, domestic and foreign experts