закон о сепаратизме

04/11/24 18:06
Official Chisinau is doing everything to prevent negotiations from resuming
02/02/24 16:07
A year ago, the Moldovan parliament made a decision that was ultimately condemned by all international mediators
01/23/24 17:38
Vitaly Ignatiev emphasized that this is a gross violation of fundamental human rights
01/23/24 15:38
The day before, the chairman of the Tiraspol City Court was deported by the authorities of the Republic of Moldova
01/23/24 13:58
This actions by Moldova have nothing to do with democracy, European principles and lead to an escalation of tension, the PMR Foreign Ministry said
11/24/23 17:03
Vitaly Ignatiev commented on the policy of the Moldovan authorities
02/22/23 11:57
This follows from the Russian version of the law, published in the Official Monitor of the Republic of Moldova
02/17/23 17:22
The issue of amendments to the Criminal Code of the Republic of Moldova was raised at the meeting of political representatives of Pridnestrovie and Moldova today
02/15/23 10:39
The PMR President called on the OSCE to act as a guarantor that no criminal pressure would be applied against Pridnestrovians
02/14/23 17:58
Bujar Osmani said that he raised this question in Chisinau
02/10/23 18:13
The PMR Minister of Foreign Affairs also appealed to the OSCE to pay special attention to the destructive actions of Chisinau
02/07/23 17:27
The Joint Council of Labor Collectives and other PMR public organizations adopted a statement
02/07/23 16:24
Today the document was discussed by the Commission on Foreign Policy of the Supreme Council