внешняя политика

07/04/22 12:28
The PMR Foreign Minister announced the negotiation process’s degradation
03/24/22 20:00
The situation with the medicines import, obstacles in the Moldovan Metallurgical Factory work as well as other issues were discussed
03/22/22 18:09
Vitaly Ignatiev told the Supreme Council deputies about the foreign policy situation around Pridnestrovie
02/21/22 18:25
As the Polish chairmanship in the OSCE, he promised an objective mediator focused on the population supporting and achieving results in the negotiation process
02/16/22 16:45
The President of the PMR and the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation discussed Russian-Pridnestrovian cooperation, a peacekeeping operation, and the process of negotiations between Tiraspol and Chisinau
11/30/21 18:14
During their conversation, they touched upon a wide range of issues related to the Moldovan-Pridnestrovian negotiation process, cooperation with Russia, and other issues
11/30/21 13:27
The public in the republic is concerned about the statements of the former presidential adviser to the US President
11/11/21 18:00
Vadim Krasnoselsky assessed the prospects for the PMR recognition