The President talked to journalists and congratulated Pridnestrovians

09/02/23 10:35

The President talked to journalists and congratulated Pridnestrovians

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President:

There have always been risks and threats to one degree or another, sometimes more, sometimes less. In today's situation, in the most difficult geopolitical situation around us, such risks increase for us all thirty-three years since the formation of our state, of course. But, I am convinced that the leadership of Pridnestrovie and the leadership of Moldova are adherents of peace as a whole in the regional space, and in Pridnestrovie and Moldova. We have a clear common understanding here. We will maintain peace with all our might and achieve peace in Pridnestrovie in this situation as well.

In addition, we should not forget that the Russian Federation is carrying out a peacekeeping mission here in Pridnestrovie which has its own international mandate, all the mechanisms of a peacekeeping operation are working. This is also today a factor of stability, peaceful existence of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.

Generally speaking, Pridnestrovie has never been an aggressor, never. From the moment of its formation on September 2, 1992, we have been talking only about peace to the present day. we do everything for the sake of peace we do not only speak.

Everything speaks of the desire to live on the Pridnestrovian land, says that a community of the Pridnestrovian people has been created. It was before, but it has strengthened many times over these 33 years, and eventually took place probably. The multinational people, which consists of 72 nationalities, ethnic groups, nationalities, sees Pridnestrovie as its home, improves, strengthens, improves its home. People want to live, just to live like a human being. This is a normal desire of any normal person. Not to fight, but to live, to develop. Therefore we treat, teach, build, move forward, so it will continue.

What example does Pridnestrovie set? What can we offer or show to others? We show that in a multinational state where there are Russians, Ukrainians, Moldovans, dozens of other nationalities, we prove here, on the Pridnestrovian soil, that we do not have national strife, we do not have any phobias in relation to person to person. We are very tolerant, regardless of language, skin color, religion. This is a good example. This people should be learned from Pridnestrovie.

The second point is that the Pridnestrovian people proved their right to life by their work. We live and develop in the most difficult conditions of political and economic blockades, external threats, external challenges. The children went to first grade yesterday. This is also an indicator.

What else can and should be learned from Pridnestrovians is respect for their ancestors, for their history, for the feat of their people. History must not be forgotten. It must be remembered and honored. It seems like a trifle, they changed the graphics to another somewhere, it would seem nonsense, they changed the language to another, then they changed history, literature, then you find out that the people disappeared, the state disappeared. This awaits all who do not remember their ancestors. Everything is in order in Pridnestrovie both with conscience and with historical memory as I said earlier. All this emphasizes the love for our land, where our ancestors are buried. This is worth learning.

Dear Pridnestrovians, dear friends, dear guests of our republic, I sincerely want to congratulate everyone on the 33rd anniversary of our statehood. It is indeed a great holiday. The holiday is contrary to common standards, common opinions, common schemes for the destruction of identity, the sowing of nationalism and fascism, all possible obstacles, blockades, wars and so on. We show how you can live here, on Pridnestrovian land, while maintaining peace and tranquility. We are an example, and this is a fact. Happy holiday to you! Peace to Pridnestrovie.


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