Вадим Красносельский

01/17/20 21:29
At the same time, Vadim Krasnoselsky set the task to improve control over the implementation of state orders by the research labors
01/17/20 20:28
It is about work in the field of economy, rights of compatriots protection and simplified registration of Russian citizenship for the residents of Pridnestrovie
11/12/19 14:27
The Head of the State told why the ideas of the Russian world are so attractive for the residents of the Republic
11/12/19 13:30
Vladimir Krasnoselskiy reminded that Pridnestrovie is an indicator of Russian successful peacekeeping operation
11/06/19 18:13
Vadim Krasnoselskiy told Parlamentskaya Gazeta about the main priorities in negotiations with Moldova
11/06/19 14:46
In an interview to the Parlamentskaya Gazeta, the President of the PMR told why the Pridnestrovians should be able to acquire citizenship of Russia without renouncing the passport of another country
10/10/19 12:10
The PMR President welcomed VII Pridnestrovian International Investment Economic Forum participants and stressed that the main event goal was to state Pridnestrovie and its economic strength
09/25/19 15:52
The main subjects of the meeting became the Russian citizenship for the pridnestrovians, use of maternity capital in the PMR and the RF medical insurance policies for Pridnestrovian Russians