The President with his wife were among the first visitors to the Catherine Park officially opened today

09/01/20 21:20

The President with his wife were among the first visitors to the Catherine Park officially opened today

There is nothing accidental in the Catherine Park. Each element is not only functional, but also has its own symbolism, is filled with historical meaning and fulfills a cultural and educational role. Participants of a large festive and familiarization excursion around the new leisure complex deployed in the open air were convinced of this today. The initiator of the creation of the park Vadim Krasnoselsky with his wife is among the guests of honor.

Sharing his impressions with other participants in the event, the President spoke about his personal feeling that he was familiar with every stone, every tile, every sign in the park, which was being built under the presidential control. At the same time, Vadim Krasnoselsky noted, the object filled with citizens and guests of the capital who do not hide their delight from the result of two years of large-scale work of a huge number of representatives of various professions, looks completely new. The first persons of the state and the city leadership lowered flowers at the foot of the monument to the founder-commander of Tiraspol. This monument, awarded at one time with the gold medal of the Academy of Arts of the Soviet Union and which has become, in more than four decades since its creation, one of the symbols and business cards of the city on the Dniester, harmoniously blended into the overall architectural and atmospheric design of the park, noted the participants of today's excursions.

The designers of the Catherine Park have also preserved the old platform, which is located parallel to the City House of Culture. At the same time, it was noticeably changed: the Soviet mood in its appearance was replaced by Catherine's. Moreover, an important element from the Orthodox point of view appeared at the rostrum - a niche with the Poklonniy Cross, to which the President and his wife and other participants of the festive excursion put lampads today.

The guests were told that during the reconstruction of the foundation, the builders discovered fragments of the retaining wall of the church in the name of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos at the end of the 18th century. The found niche is the location of the Bowing Cross, which stood at the entrance to the temple, destroyed during the years of church persecution and devastation. The return of the cross to its historical place (we are talking about the modern cross) is a tribute to the past and Orthodox traditions.

The artificial grotto did not go unnoticed by the visitors. Decorated with a bas-relief of the scene of the meeting of Catherine II, Count Suvorov and Franz de Volan, it fulfills not only an aesthetic function, but also a practical one: there are two fountains with drinking water in the cool grotto.

Alla Melnichuk, director of the Tiraspol United Museum, told the guests at the opening of the doors of the exhibition hall to the visitors. The theme of the first exhibition - "The Republic Created by the People" - is not accidental, because the opening of the park is a gift to the residents of Tiraspol for the country's anniversary, which Pridnestrovie will celebrate tomorrow. Visitors are presented with documentary materials testifying to the events preceding the creation of the republic, as well as illustrating the period of its formation and further development. The exhibition will run for a month.

The sports and recreation sector of the park deserves special attention. It occupied a significant area. Examining various locations, the President noted the fact that all these sites are publicly available and meet the needs of citizens. The park zone for physical culture and a healthy lifestyle includes a field for playing mini-football, volleyball and basketball, a jogging track, workout and table tennis courts, a chess field with height figures. The subject of special pride of the designers is the kilometer-long health path, divided into several differently sloping sections. Along the way of lovers of active pastime there are simulators and sports equipment. Young people have already appreciated the new rollerdrome, which, as conceived by the authors of the project, will be able to transform into a skating rink in winter. Moreover, this platform is an excellent solution for holding circus performances in the open air, the President was told.

Walking around the park, which area exceeds 19 hectares, the guests walked along the green labyrinth. In the future, the hedge will rise and grow stronger: while the zigzags of green plantings with a length of 660 meters are very young. As for the labyrinth traditions, they originated in Italy in the 15th century and then became widespread throughout Europe.

An example of antique classics in the Catherine Park is the rotunda. Having examined this element of the park composition, the participants of the excursion went to the fountain square. The official launching ceremony of the complex of six cascading fountains took place there.

The water jets of the new fountain complex, built in the center of the Catherine Park, soared upward. The symbolic start button was pressed by the PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky with his wife and daughter and the Head of the capital's administration with his wife.

The fountains are conceived as flat - the depth of the bowls is about half a meter. Each has artistic lighting and special sprays. Compositionally, they are united by decorative arches, lanterns and other small architectural forms.


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