11/15/17 15:42
The prospects for resuming the "5+2" format were discussed by Vadim Krasnoselsky and Dmitry Rogozin
08/02/17 21:05
The sides also discussed the issues concerning social and economic support of Pridnestrovie by the Russian Federation
08/02/17 19:53
Pridnestrovie's President declared it at the meeting with Dmitry Rogozin
08/02/17 18:44
At the meeting, it is also planned to discuss the measures aimed to prevent the provocative isolation actions against Pridnestrovie
08/02/17 17:23
The first deputy chairman of the State Duma International Affairs Committee Dmitry Novikov qualified this decision as strange and ill-considered
07/30/17 11:09
According to Russia's vice premier, it is necessary to address issues related to the economic rights of the people living in Pridnestrovie, including 200,000 Russian citizens
07/29/17 20:05
The previous Hungary and Romania refused to let the plane with the Russian delegation onboard in their airspace
07/29/17 13:17
The member of the Federation Council's Security and Defence Committee Mikhail Kozlov called refusal of Romania to let pass an airliner with the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin onboard a provocation
07/28/17 16:57
Russian Deputy Prime Minister: Wait for an answer, bunch of creeps
07/28/17 12:23
Deputy Prime Minister of Russia reports that some activists in Chisinau try to deny arrival to flight from Domodedovo on which the Russian delegation plans to take off
06/21/17 16:15
The special representative of the Russian president on Pridnestrovie discussed with members of our delegation increased foreign trade turnover with eastern regions and cooperation with Russian regions