08/18/21 11:13
Pridnestrovian club sensationally started in the Champions League playoffs
10/21/20 16:07
As the new manager of Tiraspol team has been appointed Victor Mikhailov
05/23/19 16:05
Tiraspol team defeat FC «Sfântul Gheorghe» Suruceni
03/17/19 17:29
Tiraspol players defeated football players from Nisporeni with a score of 1:0
12/11/17 11:19
The Italian coach and the club have signed a new agreement
12/06/17 10:11
The big game to take place in Denmark on December 7
10/31/17 09:35
Roberto Bordin shared his impressions ahead of a return match against Lokomotiv Moscow in the UEFA Europa League
08/24/17 22:51
The match ended in a 0 - 0 draw, promoting Tiraspol's club into the Europa League's group stage
05/04/17 13:49
Tiraspol's club beat Petrocub Hincesti 2:0
11/26/15 16:15
Artyom Tarasov, a commentator for the Novorossiya news agency, believes it is ‘Sheriff's oligarchical octopus’
11/26/15 16:10
Novorossiya commentator Artyom Tarasov has carried a journalistic investigation