02/21/22 18:25
As the Polish chairmanship in the OSCE, he promised an objective mediator focused on the population supporting and achieving results in the negotiation process
02/03/22 17:07
The PMR Foreign Minister and the OSCE Special Representative discussed relevant issues of the negotiation process
05/07/19 13:08
The authors of the documentary told about why our country attracts foreign guests and what they want to learn from us
04/02/19 18:53
The Pridnestrovian Poles told more about our republic
12/16/18 15:28
The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR, the Head of the Office of the President of Poland and the Polish Ambassador in Chisinau were at the ceremony
06/01/18 21:10
Representatives of the University of Warsaw and PSU discussed cultural cooperation between the two countries
04/26/18 13:17
Polish businessmen show interest in development of blockchain technologies in PMR
01/17/18 13:15
The Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Stetsyuk met with the minister counselor of the Polish Embassy Jerzy Stankievich
11/15/17 17:45
During the meeting in the Pridnestrovie's MFA the sides discussed the opportunities for implementation of some joint projects in the social and humanitarian spheres