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The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR, the Head of the Office of the President of Poland and the Polish Ambassador in Chisinau were at the ceremony

Tiraspol, December, 16. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Society of the Polish culture "Yasna Gura" ("The clear (light) mountain") exists about ten years. Today it has found the room at last. The right to cut a traditional ribbon was granted to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR Vitaly Ignatiev, the Head of the Office of the President of Poland and the Polish Ambassador in Chisinau Polish Republic of Blazey Spychalski and the head of the Polish Diplomatic mission in Chisinau Bartolomey Zdanyuk. Before the ceremony, they visited a Sunday mass in the church of the Holy Trinity located near the newfound centre of the Polish culture. The prior of this temple Pyotr Kushman also consecrated subsequently premises of society "Yasna Gura". 

"Society "Yasna Gura" is engaged in humanitarian, educational, social projects. Representatives of many nationalities live in Pridnestrovie. It is a part of our multicultural society and our originality. Therefore we, of course, keep the development of the Polish language and culture. We see support from the Embassy of Poland and the Polish authorities", - Vitaly Ignatiev emphasized in the interview to the journalists, speaking about the value of today's event for the development of the Pridnestrovian-Polish relations. 

At the same time, the Minister added: "We will develop this interaction further. Some joint Pridnestrovian-Polish projects are already implemented, and not only in Tiraspol but also in the village Rashkovo and other settlements. Let's hope that they will get the support of the Polish side. Plans are very serious".  

In more detail about communications of Embassy of Poland with the Polish community of Pridnestrovie members of the media were told by Bartolomey Zdanyuk. 

"The Embassy of Poland in Chisinau implements a number of projects in all the territories to which its activity extends, including also Pridnestrovie. We introduce development programs. Especially in a northern part – in the village Rashkovo. With the Polish supply, the Recreation centre was repaired. Now it is repaired the local medical institution which provides with modern level services about five thousand people. The same centre is also under repair in the village Zhura. All this is for human benefit", - Bartolomey Zdanyuk says. 

Representatives of the authorities from a gmina (a comment - the Polish administrative unit of the third level) Rashkov which supports close friendly relations with the same name Pridnestrovian settlement also took part in the Polish delegation. 

Among presents which they gave to the Head of the society of the Polish culture "Yasna Gura" Natalya Sinyavskaya, there was also a portrait of the father John Paul II – the Pole by origin and the first pontiff of the non-Italian origin for all the history of Vatican. 

Giving presents, representatives of the delegation from the Polish Rashkov reminded that the monastery Gura near Chenstakhov's city is one of the places which are most esteemed by all Poles: since the 15th century there is the main shrine of the country - an icon of the Virgin Mary. The chairman of society was awarded the breastplate "For merits before the Polish culture". The Head of the Office of the President of Poland Blazhey Spychalski presented an award. 

"The same 'Polish houses" are open in many countries of the world. There it is possible to learn Polish and to get acquainted with the culture of our country. I am glad that today such a centre is opened in Tiraspol", - Blazhey Spychalski noticed in a conversation with journalists. 

Celebrations on the occasion continued in the Palace of National Traditions and Crafts with a concert of the national collectives created at "Yasna Gura", including children's ensembles from the villages of Rashkovo and Sloboda-Rashkovo. 


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