The PMR President met with Polish political scientist Richard Hubert Barton

12/11/21 15:40

The PMR President met with Polish political scientist Richard Hubert Barton

The meeting of the PMR President with the political scientist Richard Hubert Burton who arrived from Poland was held at the presidential executive office. The PMR Minister of Foreign Affairs Vitaly Ignatiev took part in the conversation.

Vadim Krasnoselsky welcoming the guest expressed gratitude to the representative of the Polish public for the attention to Pridnestrovie, noting that the two states are linked by long-term friendly contacts. There is a fairly large Polish diaspora in Pridnestrovie, there is a Polish community, a society of Polish culture has been created, and Catholic Church has been opened in Tiraspol.

Richard Hubert Barton said that this was not the first time he had arrived in Pridnestrovie, but had not been to the republic for a long time and saw significant changes in its appearance. The interlocutors discussed the changes and further plans for the improvement and development of the country. They talked about joint Pridnestrovian-Polish humanitarian projects. The directions of cooperation in the future were discussed.

The participants of the meeting paid attention to the topic of the forthcoming elections. The Polish guest emphasized the importance of being in Pridnestrovie at an important electoral period for the country. They also mentioned the situation with the unjustified restriction of the freedom of movement of a number of Russian citizens. We are talking about the facts of deportation of public, scientific, political figures who arrived by flights from Russia to the Chisinau airport. Vadim Krasnoselsky called this state of affairs unacceptable, illegal and anti-democratic. Especially cynical is what is happening, taking into consideration that incidents were recorded, including on Human Rights Day - the international community marks this date on December 10. It was noted that nine at the moment citizens of the Russian Federation – well-known and respected persons representing public and human rights organizations in Russia, Pridnestrovie and other countries of the world - have not been able to realize their plans related to the visit to Pridnestrovie.


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