06/19/20 12:10
About how several men took care of expectant mothers when gunfights raged on the streets in June 1992
07/08/19 11:46
Why does Chisinau continue to take ideological pills
06/19/19 22:23
The participants of the Moscow conference on the consequences of the Moldovan military aggression against Pridnestrovie in 1990-1992 made such conclusion
06/19/19 14:28
Before the attack on Bendery Moldova rejected all Pridnestrovian offers on the united state and launched a war
05/28/19 16:19
Vadim Krasnoselski urged to separate war criminals, terrorists and organizers of the bloodshed of 1990-92 from those whom the Chisinau authorities "sent to slaughter"
04/01/19 13:48
At a chapel on Echin Street, there was the memorial service