Pridnestrovie: the 29th anniversary of the tragedy in Bendery

06/19/21 10:42

Pridnestrovie: the 29th anniversary of the tragedy in Bendery

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The 29th of June is the Day of the tragedy in Bendery, but this tragic date is celebrated in all corners of the republic as the anniversary of the beginning of an undeclared war against the peaceful Pridnestrovian people. Flowers are brought to the monuments and graves of the PMR defenders in the towns and districts of the republic.

The complex of commemorative events traditionally held this day in Bendery is extensive and multifaceted. The leadership of the country and the city, representatives of state authorities and administration, social activists, military personnel, clergy, defenders of the republic and the families of the victims, residents of Bendery and guests of the city, members of the YouthArmy gathered at the Memorial of Memory and Mourning. Today the people who died in 1992 were remembered by name here. The ceremony of laying the presidential wreath, baskets and loose flowers was preceded by a minute of silence in memory of those whose lives were cut short by Moldovan nationalists. Flowers were laid at the BMP and the Eternal Flame at the pedestal of the combat vehicle. These locations appeared here on the first anniversary of the Bendery tragedy – June 19, 1993. The BMP is a real participant in the military events. Eight members of its command were killed. The names of two have not yet been established.

Under the sad ringing of the bell of the chapel erected on the territory of the memorial in the year of the fifth anniversary of the PMR, the PMR President laid flowers at the foot of the monument to General Lebed and the wall of memory.

The presenters of the commemorative event recalled the events that preceded the treacherous attack on the peaceful city, the hostilities and their consequences. Seven hundred Pridnestrovians were killed in Bendery, more than 1300 were injured, and over one hundred thousand people were forced to leave the city. Thousands of houses, buildings and structures were damaged or completely destroyed, irreparable damage was caused to fifty enterprises. All this is for the desire of Pridnestrovians to live freely in their native land and speak their native language.


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