02/21/24 17:56
The Speaker of Parliament commented on the decision to convene the VII Congress of Deputies of all levels
02/15/22 18:55
Pridnestrovian parliamentarians met with Russian colleagues
12/08/20 11:22
Galina Antyufeeva is elected Vice-Speaker of the Pridnestrovian Parliament
12/01/20 12:46
They discussed the obtaining of Russian citizenship by Pridnestrovians, skill improvement of teachers, doctors
12/01/20 12:26
The opponents discussed the main areas of work of the Pridnestrovian Parliament and issues of concern to compatriots
12/10/19 15:36
According to the parliamentarian, the main goal of all Moldovan politicians is to make Pridnestrovians to give up our statehood
11/10/19 18:39
Pridnestrovian parliamentarians met with a delegation of deputies, political scientists and experts from the Russian Federation