Andrey Safonov: Political forces of Moldova differ only in tactics

12/10/19 15:36

Andrey Safonov: Political forces of Moldova differ only in tactics

According to the parliamentarian, the main goal of all Moldovan politicians is to make Pridnestrovians to give up our statehood

Relations between Chisinau and Tiraspol have deteriorated markedly over the past six months, and negotiations have stalled. The reason is Chisinau pressure on Tiraspol, which is only increasing. This opinion was expressed by the deputy of the Supreme Council of the PMR, political scientist, Andrei Safonov in an article published in the Russian Nezavisimaya Gazeta newspaper.

The expert pointed out that despite the fact that the political force positioning itself as pro-Russian (PSRM) should seek points of contact with Tiraspol, but the events turned differently, and the pressure on the PMR only increased.

“In the approach to Pridnestrovie, political forces of Moldova differ only in tactics. Their goal is to force Pridnestrovians to abandon our statehood, which turns 30 years old in 2020. This goal is set by those who lead Chisinau foreign and domestic policy: the United States, whose closest ally in Southeast Europe is Romania, as well as the European Union (EU). There is an Association Agreement between Moldova and the EU concluded in 2014, providing only and exclusively for Moldova European integration. Pridnestrovie does not fit into this model in any way. Hence the increase in pressure», - said the political scientist.

Andrei Safonov recalled that even before the PSRM-ACUM alliance broke up, the President of the RM made conflicting statements.

“A few years ago, when he (Igor Dodon) fought for Moscow support, he declared that after taking power he would terminate the RM-EU Association Agreement. Then, when he became president, he proclaimed that the Agreement would remain in force. Similarly with the NATO bureau,” the deputy of the Supreme Council of the PMR cited.

At the same time, in his opinion, in line with the general course towards the West, Chisinau cannot but press on Pridnestrovie.

“The West needs to reduce Russia's influence on both banks of the Dniester, and the liquidation of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic is one of the means,” the expert stressed.

The political scientist stated that in almost 30 years of Moldo-Pridnestrovian relations the style of action of Chisinau was developed: economic pressure before the presentation of political ultimatums.

“Now the situation is same. The Chisinau authorities gave a command to close accounts in Moldovan banks of a number of Pridnestrovian enterprises in order to disrupt the working schedule of economic agents of the PMR and their partners. This was disguised as demagoguery about “the freedom of banks to act in a democratic stat”. However, it looked ridiculous against the background of many publications about corruption and laundering of huge sums through the banks of Moldova. While Pridnestrovian banks are not caught in anything similar, Andrei Safonov noted.

In his opinion, in this situation logic suggests a simple solution – the development of direct Russian-Pridnestrovian ties:

“Preservation of Russian troops in the form of peacekeepers in Pridnestrovie, as well as all those ammunition and types of military equipment that may be needed to repel the attack on the PMR in case of a new war on the Dniester. Such an option cannot be excluded. Direct financial and economic assistance to Russia by Pridnestrovie in order to preserve the economic and technological potential of the PMR, preserve existing ones and create new workers. This is much more effective than pumping Russian money into Moldova, guided by the Association Agreement with the EU. All kinds of investments of the Russian state and business in the PMR, which will contribute to the movement of money, goods, people,” the expert said.

In summary, the political scientist notes that the new round of pressure on Pridnestrovie is not special.

“This has happened in previous years and seems to be the case in the future. Concerted actions by Moscow and Tiraspol could again derail these plans and protect the national interests of Russia and Pridnestrovie. It is important not to give in to empty words, behind which nothing is worth,” the Pridnestrovian parliamentarian concluded.


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