права человека

12/13/23 15:59
At the conference at PSU they discussed the peacekeepers` role in ensuring the security of the residents of the republic
06/15/23 11:02
Support for refugees and work on the Human Rights Framework in Pridnestrovie were also discussed
12/09/22 14:20
The parties noted the joint contribution to the development of a framework for human rights in Pridnestrovie
10/20/21 18:28
The main focus was on the issues of human rights observance
05/21/21 16:15
The participants spoke about the compliance with legal rights and interests of Russian citizens and compatriots in Pridnestrovie
05/22/20 18:30
PMR MFA noted that the position of the Moldovan authorities during the pandemic has led to massive violations of the Pridnestrovian residents` fundamental rights and freedoms
12/10/19 20:39
Dandelions became a symbol of human life fragility
07/11/19 13:27
According to the head of the PMR Official Representation in the Russian Federation, it is unacceptable to gloss this situation over
03/29/19 21:28
The Head of the state told about the dialogue on the UN platform
02/05/19 13:22
The UN Human Rights Senior Expert Thomas Hammarberg at the meeting with the representatives of NGO submitted the additional report on human rights in Pridnestrovie