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Фото: пресс-служба Президента ПМР
05/12/21 20:46
The Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation highly appreciated the PMR Government activities
02/11/21 18:46
Its building is planned to finish by the 2nd September, The Republic Day
09/17/20 10:10
14 years ago, Pridnestrovians spoke out for independence and future with Russia
02/26/19 16:42
According to the member of Consultative Assembly of the First Pridnestrovian Deputies Vladimir Labunsky, further the authorities need to take measures for overcoming poverty, a disproportion of the balance of payments and budget, return home army of labour migrants
01/18/19 16:08
The first this year expanded meeting took place in the House of Formal Receptions
01/08/19 14:41
Novosti Pridnestrovya News Agency continues to acquaint readers with the basic state and society development document
12/23/18 14:17
The President of Pridnestrovie is sure that the republic has full authority for the international legal recognition
12/18/18 19:54
“There a lot of problems accumulated in the republic, and we will solve them, distributing financial resources as rationally as possible” - Prime Minister Alexander Martynov said
12/18/18 19:36
The Head of the state declared it at a final press conference
11/22/18 17:51
Discussion between the President and representatives of the All-Pridnestrovian National Forum