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Novosti Pridnestrovya News Agency continues to acquaint readers with the basic state and society development document
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Tiraspol, January, 8. / Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Reforming of the system of public administration is one of the most important conditions of acceleration of social and economic development of the country therefore among strategic objectives of the reform there is a restriction of the intervention of the state in economic activity of subjects of business. It is said in the PMR Development Strategy 2019-2026 signed by the President in December of the last year. The accent in the administrative reform begun in 2018 will be made on the termination of excess state regulation.

The restriction of the intervention of the state in the economic activity of subjects of business

As for budget planning, here public authorities will seek for the balanced gain of expenses: the state will undertake new social obligations only on condition of existence of real sources of a covering, i.e. an opportunity to realize them.

The analysis of state expenditure in terms of redistribution of resources in the most budgetary system will be carried out. The costs breakdown will change towards an increase in specific weight of capital investments.

Fiscal policy

In conditions when more than 90% of the state expenses are social obligations, there is no real possibility of correction of the fiscal policy.

«Proceeding from it a priority is the formation and maintenance of fair approaches to distribution of the tax load in various sectors of the economy», - it is said in the document.

At the same time, it is planned to improve approaches to tax administration. According to authors of Strategy, it is necessary to work in two directions: on the one hand, to change the philosophy of work of taxing authorities, with another – to reconsider approaches to holding actions for control and the list of the bases for checks.

Investments and foreign trade activities

As the priority directions of the public investment policy formation of the favourable investment climate, diversification of economy and orientation to introduce innovatively and information and communication technologies will act in the long term.

Elimination of an imbalance between export and import

In particular, the attention will be paid to the development of the investment and innovative activities in the republic in the form of science and high technology park, fund of business support, a business incubator. The base of investment and industrial platforms, land plots for realization on priority investment projects will be.

It is planned to promote the Pridnestrovian brands at large international investment venues.

As for foreign economic activity, elimination of a historical imbalance between export and import will be a priority here. Their ratio (without gas supply) is planned to be finished up to 0.9 (export) to 1 (import).

Also, it will rely on import substitution and expansion of potential of the international economic cooperation.

Industry and agrarian and industrial complex

The industrial sector – traditional fundamentals of the Pridnestrovian economy. Therefore the industrial policy in the Strategy is featured.

Creation of Business Development Fund

«Accumulation of rates of development of the industry in the long-term period is a basis of acceleration of growth of the economy in general, its diversifications, increases in the number of jobs and the number of working people», - it is emphasized in the document.

The activity of authorities in this direction is intended to provide diversification of the traditional branches of the industry, modernization of the fixed assets which are used at the enterprises for improving the competitiveness of domestic production, attracting investors in the priority industries.

It is necessary to distinguish the creation in the current year of the Business Development Fund. At the expense of its means subsidizing of the budgetary rates for large, medium-sized and small enterprises, investment subsidies, state grants for the microenterprises are planned.

Besides, it is supposed to create the accurate scheme of the organization and management of investment activities and also open information space for the organization and business, receiving the state and municipal consulting support.

It is planned to develop the new activities in the sphere of processing of products of ferrous metallurgy and the industry of production focused on the use of local raw materials.

Activity in the sector of the agrarian and industrial complex will be aimed at providing food self-reliance of the republic steady social and economic development of rural territories and also the development of «agro-tourism».

Let's remind, on December 18 the President Vadim Krasnoselsky held the presentation of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic Development Strategy 2019-2026. The document was developed at the initiative of the Head of the state together with authorities and representatives of civil society. Its fundamental reference points are political stability, economic self-sufficiency and social justice. Also, the national idea which includes three principles is formulated in Strategy: strengthening of independence with a reference point on the international recognition and performance of results of the Referendum 2006; continuation of formation of «Pridnestrovian people» community; creation of the people-centred state with a market economy.


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