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The first this year expanded meeting took place in the House of Formal Receptions

Tiraspol, January, 18. / Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Initiated by the President first this year expanded meeting with authority and management of the state took place in the House of Formal Receptions.

The President designated reference points for a year: in the majority, they are based on the PMR Development Strategy 2019-2026 approved at the end of last year.

Vadim Krasnoselsky focused the attention of government employees on its fundamental reference points – political stability, economic self-sufficiency and social justice.

More than 160 instructions affecting the majority of aspects of the activity of the state and society were given to representatives of the executive and legislative. And their performance will be taken under personal control by heads of the ministries and departments, representatives of public organizations.

The openness of the authorities

By the way, control functions of social activists have to become even stronger. The President charged to revise the relevant law in the mode of the second reading.

The Head of the state paid attention that officials of the highest rank have to hold regular meetings with the citizens.

Vadim Krasnoselsky informed that for 2017-2018 the Presidential Administration considered more than 20 thousand addresses and applications from citizens and public organizatithe ons. The Head of the state holds a considerable part of them on personal control.

«I began with myself and I demand it from the others», - Vadim Krasnoselsky called officials for openness.

Within the establishment of the Institute of public initiatives, it was entrusted to the Civil Service of Media to create the portal of «Electronic democracy». Besides, by means of the subordinated organizations as much as possible to expand the number of published information about Pridnestrovie.

Attraction of investments

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs should develop the State Program of the International Positioning of the PMR. The work on the attraction of investments by means of holding meetings with a business community of Russia and other countries will be continued.

Also this year in the republic there has to take place the VII International investment and economic forum.

According to the President if the 2018th was the year of achievement of arrangements, then current year have to be the year of their realization, creation of new jobs and expansions of production base.

«Last year thanks to internal sources and also external investors in the Republic it was succeeded to create more than 5 thousand jobs. We need to attract more external investments as without it serious development of the economy is impossible», - Vadim Krasnoselsky told.

Defence and law-enforcement activity

The President paid attention to the need of creation of the PMR Armed forces development plan, designated expediency of carrying out repair, construction and reconstruction of a row subordinated to the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Public Safety of infrastructure facilities and also the organization of the centralized acquisition of uniform regimentals of the military personnel.

Among program documents about which importance the President spoke, – the Concept of homeland security of the PMR, the Concept of protection of public order and safety of the PMR, the Concept of development of civil defence, the Concept on the fight against corruption.

Besides, the Head of the state considers that new laws on the militia, on bases of prevention of offences, on rescue services and the status of rescuers are necessary for the republic. The President paid special attention to the need for an increase in efficiency of the mechanism of parole of convicts.

Industry and foreign trade activities

Sounding instructions in the sphere of monetary policy, the Head of the state focused attention on the need of ensuring the stability of an exchange rate within the currency corridor set for 2019.

Within policy on expansion and strengthening of foreign economic activity, the Head of the state charged to an executive to develop Strategy of economic security.

Vadim Krasnoselsky told about the dialogue with the Russian Federation within granting the special mode for the Pridnestrovian enterprises. Let's remind, at the beginning of this year the Pridnestrovian exporters supplying products to the Russian market had new difficulties.

«The issue is resolved at the level of the Russian Federation Government, and, I think, in the nearest future it will be solved», - the Head of the Republic reported.

During the expanded meeting the President aimed the Government at the development of the Concept of industrial policy and the all-republican plan of measures on creation of new jobs.

Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized the need of expansion of production cooperation for the sphere of ferrous metallurgy and other allied industries of the economy.

«We have good enterprises, for example, the Moldavian steel plant. But the republic has a need for new processing industries. It not only additional jobs but also replenishment of the budget. But for this purpose investments are really necessary», – the President told.

Agricultural industry

Speaking about priorities of public policy in the sphere of agro-industrial complex, the President emphasized that forward development of this industry is possible only in the presence of the target program. The Government should finish the document for 2019-2026 in the first half of the year.

The President paid attention to the need for rational use of lands of agricultural appointment and increase in a share of an agrarian and industrial complex in the structure of the gross domestic product. The Head of the state cited as an example experience of Israel and Turkey which in spite of the fact that are in zones of risky agriculture, take the leading positions in the export of agricultural products.


One of the most profitable and perspective for the Pridnestrovian economy the Head of the state called the construction sector. It is confirmed by results of the implementation of the capital investments programme 2018.

According to the President, from 150 million allocated for implementation of the program last year, nearly 30 million returned to the budget in the form of taxes and other payments.

The estimate of expenses of the Capital Investments Fond 2019 is made proceeding from total amount over 220 million rubles.

Works are planned to be carried out approximately on 120 objects. Most of all objects (34) are in the capital, then Bendery follows (26). In Slobodzeja and Rybnitsa districts they are about 12 objects, in Grigoriopol – 11, in Kamenka – 6 are defined.

One more important article is the acquisition of housing for disabled people. 1.8 million rubles will be allocated for these purposes according to the Capital Investments Program 2019.

If to speak about functional distribution, then the health sector is a priority this time. At the expense of the Investments fund construction and repair of 31 objects will be financed: 7 policlinics, 15 hospitals and 4 rural medical out-patient clinics.

Social policy

Within the realization of the principle of social justice the whole complex of actions which public authorities and management should be realised this year. Among them – work on change of qualitative and quantitative structure of a consumer basket, improvement of the pension system and also a system of social protection of the citizens.

Work on improvement of material and technical resources of healthcare institutions is continued. Besides, the formation of an effective system of protection of the rights of patients and doctors, development of the program of state guarantees of rendering free medical care to citizens is planned. In 2019 it is entrusted to profile ministries to develop the program for formation of a healthy lifestyle, system of its encouragement and increasing a role of responsibility of citizens for own health.


In conclusion of the meeting, the President aimed heads of public authorities at constructive interaction, having emphasized that one and all points of Strategy are quite real to be implemented.


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