What new park in Slobodzea to look like

02/11/21 18:46

What new park in Slobodzea to look like

Its building is planned to finish by the 2nd September, The Republic Day

Slobodzeya, February 10. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. This year in Slobodzeya the park construction it’s scheduled to be completed by the Republic Day on September 2. The newlyweds’ park will be located in the town center in the vicinity of the registry office.

It should be reminded, that the park with one and a half hectares in area was laid down in the past year. Under the Capital Investment Fund (СIF) program in the year of 2020, half a million rubles were allocated for its arrangement. At these funds expense, architectural elements, that will decorate the park were purchased and all necessary communications were laid. This year, in the CIF have been allocated about 1.7 million rubles for the work completion.

The authors of idea expect, that the future park as a photo zone will be appreciated by newlyweds. At the same time, will be accessible for everyone as well as apparently become one of the favorite rest places.

At the park entrance, there will be three large constructions in the heart shape. This symbol of love will be decorated with flowers.

There will be a round arbor (rotunda) next to the entrance to the park. It will be possible to come in walking on the bridge across the pond.

According to the authors’ idea, the park will be decorated with marble statues. Among them are the Muses of love, angels and young women, who are symbolizing fertility and prosperity.

The park also has a bench of reconciliation as well as a bench of sweethearts, a royal carriage. Thus, it will be divided into different resting areas, which will simultaneously be photo zones. Flowers and evergreen plants will be planted in the park.

Moreover, lighting columns with styled elements will also be installed in the park, but a decorative lighting is foreseen for architectural forms.

“At the moment, work on the park creation is 5% completed. A pond has been dug, water supply and sewerage have been laid,” the head of the ground environment in the Slobodzeya region, Sergey Samoilov described.

The park building is planned to be completed by the Republic Day on September 2.

The improving of the modern urban environment quality and comfort is one of the main Pridnestrovian Development Strategy points: a program document, developed under the PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky authority. The head of state instructed the state administrations heads to work on the development and support of the settlements infrastructure in the course of the annual message to the state authorities.


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