07/21/15 12:04
Pridnestrovie's government has been continually working to develop and find ways of granting government assistance to both young specialists and young families
07/19/15 10:00
The bill prohibits smoking in public places, the advertizing and sponsorship of tobacco and also it introduces a number of restrictions in tobacco products trade
07/16/15 11:53
Entrants have already filed 1,937 applications for 2,549 studying seats available in the forthcoming academic year at T. Shevchenko Pridnestrovian State University
07/15/15 12:31
New officers will be appointed to the units of the Pridnesrovie's Armed Forces
07/13/15 17:04
This is what the organisation founder, Aleksey Zhuravlyov, said when visiting the construction sites
07/13/15 15:24
The cherished red colour document has been presented to 232 graduates this year
07/10/15 11:20
Municipal and regional military commissariats are enrolling candidates to the 7th grade of the Republican Suvorov Military School for 2015-2016
07/08/15 11:12
It will take place in Serbia from 13 to 23 July
07/07/15 12:22
The candidates were confirmed during the meeting of the relevant commission in the local state administration
07/06/15 16:50
The delegation of the Lev Gumilyov Centre has come to Tiraspol to give lectures and trainings
07/06/15 14:49
Pridnestrovie's young men have been invited to the all-Russian youth forum “Territory of Meanings on the Klyazma”
06/30/15 16:13
Russia's vice premier, Dmitriy Rogozin, emphasised the special conditions under which this operation was carried out and the timeliness of its implementation
06/30/15 15:41
The board of the Education Ministry has discussed parents' opinion on the introduction of the compulsory course Fundamentals of Religious Cultures and Secular Ethics for fourth grade secondary school pupils
06/29/15 17:28
Grigoriopol, Kamenka and Slobodzeya are in the greatest need of medical specialists
06/29/15 14:04
At an ordinary session of Pridnestrovie's Public Chamber, its chairman, Sergey Smirichinskiy, reported on the signing of the common understanding and cooperation memorandum between Pridnestrovie's and Russia's public chambers, which took place on 4 June in Moscow.