Industry showed growing in 2020

01/28/21 19:48

Industry showed growing in 2020

At last year end, the ferrous metallurgy and electrical energy industry showed growth. Production in other industries has dropped to 11%
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Tiraspol, January 28. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The industrial output total worth increased by 1.6%, amounting to 12,150.4 million rubles. Such statistics are provided by the Pridnestrovian Republican Bank by reference to the State Statistics Service. However, without taking into account metallurgy and electrical energy industry indicators, production results are lower by 11.1% in contrast to 2019.

At the same time, the impact of the pandemic on the economy is observed very clear. Thus, most domestic industries in April showed double-digit decline rates. The main reasons are the external demand reduction for Pridnestrovian export goods from countries-trading partners and a disruption in logistical chains. Based on the results of the PRB’s questionnaire, against the background of the overall lockdown’s establishment in spring months, the industrial confidence indicator declined by 26.8%. This is relevant to the second half-year period of 2014 and the first half-year period of 2015 level. Moreover, it was acknowledged as the worst one over the research years.

Due to the restrictions removal, situation in the industry efficiently stabilized and had grown steadily until September. Since October, against the background of increased restrictions in many countries caused by the COVID-19 virus recurrence, the of manufacturing parameters recovery and business activity in the republic has remarkably slowed down.

In regards to individual industries, then the electrical energy industry annual rate increased by 7.7% to 4,021.5 million rubles.

In the ferrous metallurgy, the annual output, taking into account the low comparison base of 2019, increased by 15.9%. In general, during the year, products were manufactured at the amount of 3,512 million rubles. Steelmaking exceeded the value of the year before last by 18.6%, rolling section’s marketable output increased by 15.5%.

Indicators of the light industry’s output declined by 10.2% to 1,339.3 million rubles, due to external demand drop. The decrease in whole output was affected by a decline in cotton fabrics’ manufacturing, sewn products, footwear and clothing.

The volume of construction materials producing, output last year amounted to 597 million rubles, which is 14.9% lower than the year before last indicators. In such commodity items as calx, mixed concrete, cement, prefabricated structures and concrete products, non-metallic building materials was identified a decrease. However, more metal-plastic windows and doors, unarmored concrete products, cement and walling material were produced in a fair amount.

In the electrical engineering industry, the output volume over year was at the level of 270.2 million rubles, exceeding the previous year’s value by 3%. That was mainly influenced by an increase in the cable ware output. At the same time, the production of low-powered electric engines, laminated electrically insulating materials and large electric machines decreased.

In mechanic engineering, the overall production declined by 35.7%, amounting to 294.4 million rubles.

At the yearend the chemical industry enterprises manufacturing parameters fall behind the parameters of the year of 2019 by 5.1%, falling to 275.7 million rubles. This was under the condition, that in certain months the increase in production volumes up to + 80% was recorded.

Since the beginning of the year the food industry production amounted to 1,634.6 million rubles, lower 8.9% than last year’s parameters. The production of alcohol products, beer, fresh meat and processed meat products was to the maximum extent declined. The same indicator was also observed in confectionery, manufactured meat products, bread and bakery products, as well as sausage products. Sunflower oil, butter, canned goods, cheeses, frozen meat, quick-frozen fruit-and-vegetables as well as whole-milk products were produced a remarkable degree.

In the flour-and-cereals industry, production parameters for the year increased by 3% to 175.8 million rubles. This is due to the growth in the compound animal feeding stuff, cereals, bran and flour manufacturing.

At the printing industry enterprises since the beginning of the year, the volume of production has reached 25.7 million rubles, in other words + 17.6% to the indicator of the year before last.


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