The State Customs Committee has simplified customs procedures for processing goods

10/21/20 17:09

The State Customs Committee has simplified customs procedures for processing goods

Innovations take into account the interests of local producers. Also they help to make production process more clear for customs authority
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Tiraspol, October 21. /Novosti Pridnestrovia/. Improvements take into account interests of domestic manufacturers and make the production process absolutely transparent for customs authorities.

The State Customs Committee (FCC) is continuing facilitation of customs operations, what helps to reduce the financial costs of domestic industry.

Thus, in September, a new departmental Order No. 233 on approving the regulations “On applying particular provisions of customs operations for processing on the customs territory, processing for internal consumption and outward processing” have come into force.

Permit for processing goods on the customs territory previously could be obtained only in accordance with a range of restrictive conditions and writing an application to the Customs body of PMR.

“Now this mechanism is for notification purposes. Economic agent just should gather the necessary documents, book a notification of processing and then send everything to the Customs body, in which area of operations he works.

After making a decision on this documentation package, it is automatically controlled by the regional customs office,” – the State Customs Committee press service explained.

At the same time, specialists pay attention of economic agents to the fact, that simplifying customs procedures doesn’t mean lack of control. The requirement of strict compliance with norms of customs legislation and all peculiarities of specific procedure with goods remains relevant at all stages of processing.

“Thereby, norms of the FCC PMR Order No. 233, on the one hand, take into account interests of domestic manufacturers (since enterprises’ proposals are embodied in the document), on the other hand, make the production process of economic entities absolutely transparent for customs authorities, controlling all that with maximum efficiency” – the department concluded.


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