Pridnestrovie's current account payable is over 300 million roubles

05/18/15 15:22

Pridnestrovie's current account payable is over 300 million roubles

The President was informed on the execution of budgets at all levels

«In the first half of May Pridnestrovie's budget has received 32 million roubles, which is 18 million roubles down as compared to the same period in 2014. As of today, the budget has received at all levels almost 280 million roubles less than in the corresponding period of 2014," said Elena Girzhul, minister of finance.

It was pointed out during the meeting that the government requires about 440 million roubles every month to pay salaries and pensions, whereas its actual monthly revenues make 170 million roubles.

«Thus, the government's own revenues do not cover even 50% of the budget expenditures which include such social protection items as salaries and pensions. The difficult economic and political situation in the neighbouring states, as well as devaluation of the national currencies in the countries which are our traditional partners, directly affects the execution of budgets at all levels, as well as government obligations," said Chairwoman of the Government Tatyana Turanskaya.

According to the presidential press service, the minister of finance informed Yevgeniy Shevchuk on the payment of salaries to public sector employees. «As of today, April salaries in the amount of 70% have been paid out all over the republic with an average of 60%. We have partially paid our arrears on such items as nutrition, medications, orphanage maintenance and maintenance of law-and-order in Pridnestrovie. Thus, in May 2.7 million roubles has been allocated to oncology, TB, HIV, AIDS programmes, and 4.7 million roubles to the supply of food. Despite that, the arrears on these two items are still 20 million roubles," said Elena Girzhul.

Pridnestrovie's current account payable is over 300 million roubles. This amount includes arrears with social protection and other expense items, as well as the government's 30% debt to public sector employees and pensioners.

In addition, attention was given to the situation at Pridnestrovie's enterprises. As compared to the same period in 2014, the first quarter of 2015 has witnessed a decline in tax payments to the national budget from 60 major economic entities. The revenue shortfalls amount to about 30 million roubles.

«The government is continuing detailed examination of the indices of financial and economic activities at a number of large-scale enterprises. Measures aimed at providing further governmental assistance to Pridnestrovie's budget-forming enterprises are being elaborated," said Tatyana Turanskaya.

Following the meeting, the President gave a number of the corresponding instructions.


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