12/19/23 21:01
The President outlined the priorities of government authorities
11/11/21 18:00
Vadim Krasnoselsky assessed the prospects for the PMR recognition
04/27/21 15:40
Vitaly Ignatiev spoke about the political, legal and historical aspects of education and the prospects for international recognition of the PMR
02/18/21 14:57
Political expert Rostislav Ishchenko explained that that was purely political problem, while there are already precedents for its solution
09/02/20 15:31
There are perfect political and juridical basis for this option, the President noted
09/26/19 12:02
The PMR President said that Pridnestrovians would develop their state in the meantime
02/23/19 16:20
Vitaly Ignatiev told the editor Janos Moscovitch about the history of the republic and the dynamics of the negotiation process
11/21/17 14:42
Pridnestrovian Foreign Minister reminded of establishment in the last decades more than three tens new states
06/30/17 14:56
This is the only way of resolving our conflict, the president believes
04/13/17 17:58
Pridnestrovian MPs and Deputy Ambassador of the UK to Moldova discussed the threats caused by Ukraine's and Moldova's intention to establish joint border and customs control in Kuchurgan
08/31/16 13:28
The head of the public movement For Recognition of Pridnestrovie commented on the foreign policy aspect of President Shevchuk's press conference