Мирное Приднестровье

07/25/22 19:57
The President of the PMR and the US Ambassador discussed the geopolitical situation and issues of ensuring the security of the republic
07/19/22 14:15
The President of the PMR stated this at a meeting with Ambassador-at-Large of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Vitaly Tryapitsyn
07/04/22 17:33
The more serious the situation around us is, the more we must talk about peace and make decisions to preserve peace, the President believes
07/04/22 17:30
Vadim Krasnoselsky again reminded about the republic`s peaceful intentions
07/04/22 17:00
Vadim Krasnoselsky stressed that the Pridnestrovian army doesn't plan an attack, but will defend when necessary
06/27/22 15:57
Vadim Krasnoselsky reminded the British Ambassador of the Pridnestrovian peace-loving policy

Приднестровский депутат: Мы – мирный народ

Приднестровский артист: Мы готовы протянуть руку помощи всем нуждающимся

05/31/22 12:12
Tiraspol, May 31/ Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Actor of the Aronetskaya Pridnestrovian State Theater of Drama and Comedy Alexander Bondarenko believes that neighboring countries have no reason to fear Pridnestrovie.
05/24/22 20:00
Vadim Krasnoselsky urged to resolve issues based on agreements, and not through military aggression and blockades

Художник Николай Пономаренко: Приднестровье – это солнечный, мирный край!

05/20/22 13:41
Tiraspol, May 20. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Pridnestrovie is a peaceful state, and we are not a threat to residents of neighboring countries, Nikolay Ponomarenko, a member of the PMR Union of Artists says.  “This is a bright rich land, where different nations have been living in peace and harmony for about 30 years. Moldovans, Russians, Ukrainians, Bulgarians, Gagauz. And Pridnestrovie is not going to attack anyone,” the artist noted.

Дирижёр государственного хора ПМР: Мы никому никогда не угрожали, не угрожаем и не будем угрожать

05/13/22 11:16
Tiraspol, May 13. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Pridnestrovians cannot be aggressors against their neighbors. Tatyana Tverdokhleb, Director and conductor of the Pridnestrovian State Choir, told Novosti Pridnestrovya about this. “We have experienced aggression against ourselves, and we have been living in peace for 30 years. We have never threatened, do not threaten, and will not threaten anyone,” the artist said. 

Главный дирижёр приднестровского оркестра: Мы мирные люди, мы ни на кого не собираемся нападать

05/11/22 15:07
Tiraspol, May 11. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The Principal Conductor of the State Symphony Orchestra of the PMR, Grigory Moseyko, addressed his compatriots in Ukrainian and told why his neighbors should not be afraid of Pridnestrovie.