выборы 2021

12/14/21 10:39
Araik Lazaryan and Semen Afiyan noted the friendly atmosphere at the polling stations, and also expressed gratitude to the PMR CEC and the authorities for their cooperation
12/13/21 14:50
The CEC of the PMR provided conclusions on the presidential elections
12/13/21 13:34
79.4% of voters voted for him
12/12/21 22:06
At the moment election commissions have already begun counting votes; preliminary results will be announced tomorrow
12/12/21 21:50
Yuri Arkharov and Anton Tkachev visited Dnestrovsk and Slobodzeyan district polling stations
12/12/21 17:24
The early voting practice was also positively assessed by Artsakh’s representatives
12/12/21 16:43
Artem Turov and Vadim Dengin learned about the electoral process and talked with the electoral commission members
12/12/21 16:34
Vitaly Yankovsky was at the polling station opening in Parkany, and also monitored the voting process in Tiraspol and Bendery
12/12/21 15:05
As the PMR CEC head noted, Pridnestrovian citizens who don’t have a residence permit can also take part in the presidential elections
12/12/21 13:18
Alexander Brod believes that sanctions should be applied to Moldova for actions against Russian civil figures
12/12/21 13:05
This village in Dubossary Region is temporarily controlled by Moldova, yet many Pridnestrovians live there
12/12/21 12:24
Foreign mass media representatives also arrived in Pridnestrovie